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Primary Care in Tuscaloosa, AL

Primary care is essential to healthy living. Primary care physicians help patients maintain their health, diagnose and treat minor illnesses or injuries, prevent disease, and manage chronic illness. 


How does primary care differ from other types of medical care? Primary care physicians are trained in family and internal medicine to address a wide variety of health needs for a diverse group of patients. In a word, primary care is comprehensive. 


If you’re looking for quality primary care in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, visit First Care!

About Primary Care at First Care

First Care is a primary care center in Tuscaloosa where we provide high-quality and affordable care. Our physicians’ team is led by Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty, founder and medical director of the Crimson Care Network. Our First Care providers have a reputation for being friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced in primary care. 


We offer a wide range of services at our primary care center: 


  • Well visits and physicals 

  • Immunizations 

  • Treatment for acute injury and illness 

  • Weight loss 

  • Women’s health 

  • And more!


The First Care team is proud to provide top-notch care to families and individuals in Tuscaloosa.

See A Primary Care Physician in Tuscaloosa

FIt is important to establish a relationship with your doctor to receive consistent, insightful, and individualized care. If you would like to start this journey with one of our outstanding primary care physicians in Tuscaloosa, give First care a call at (205) 270-5285. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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